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So you were enjoying a pretty simple life with a garage door and suddenly one day it stopped working. You were annoyed and devastated because you had to leave for an important meeting in your office and your vehicle is stuck in the garage.

Now you’ve realized how important it is to have a reliably working sturdy garage door. But even reliable old garage doors bit the dust and need major garage door repairs. Just like machines, these moving cables, springs, tracks require proper maintenance and repair to avoid any major setback during their working life.

Similarly, if you are a business giant and have a tight schedule of deliverables; you can’t afford to ignore the garage door malfunctions. It would seriously affect your delivery schedules.

Whether your garage door is bearing the burden of your residential or commercial usages the wear and tear, year after year is obvious and unavoidable. The mechanism with which the door operates relies heavily on each of its components in a way that even if one of its components breaks off it would entirely break down.

Repair of Garage Doors

You might be wondering why the garage door broke off. The garage door is so often used, in fact, several times a day. You open and close it to move your car in and out, your kids to get their bikes and toys out.

With all that wear and tear, the garage door does need repairs and regular maintenance. Some other factors add in and speed up the wear. Let’s have a look at them: –

  1. Rust Built-up: One of the main culprits that multiply the wear and tear is the rust build-up. It not only reduces the strength or makes it look ugly, but it also reduces the durability and hence the life of your garage door. It increases the friction between the moving parts and the system then produces more noise. So if your garage door has a problem of being noisy and rusty you can get our regular maintenance and our experts will look into it. They would ensure maximum panel protection against rust and by latex-based external grade paint. They’ll have a look at the old layer of paint for any cracks and peeled-off pieces. And if required you can have a repaint. In the moving parts, we would ensure optimal lubrication thereby reducing friction and scratching of the surfaces.
  2. Improper Maintenance: Maintenance would not only reduce the effect of wear and tear it would also help to prolong the lifespan of spring, cable, and track. It would allow you to have an alert when getting close to failure. The garage door regularly needs to check for balance, spring tension along with lubrication. So if your garage door is off balance or if it doesn’t close completely. Maybe it works way too slow or too fast; then you need professional garage door repair services. You can get professional and certified garage door repair services in West Chester, Downingtown, Coatesville & surrounding areas. You can schedule a meeting to get our regular maintenance service that would help you to avoid failures due to improper maintenance.
  3. Temperature: This is the factor that is mostly ignored but it does have a considerable impact on the life and working of your garage door. Severe temperatures, especially in cold weather, affect the working of the garage. It adds up the strain during the opening of the door for which more energy would be used. Accumulation of any sort of ice or water in any part of your garage door would cause strain in moving parts by freeze and that phenomenon.
  4. Wear & Tear: As mentioned prior, by far the biggest reason for garage door failures is wear and tear. The wear and tear would be even more if you’re using your garage door as the front main entrance to your home. On average a garage door spring is designed for a life of 10,000 cycles but without proper maintenance and care it would be even less.

Whether your overhead garage door works by rolling up in sections or swing up in one piece; it needs the help of spring, opener and allied parts. Any affected component would put a strain on the other part and resultantly the entire assembly would be in trouble.

Help from Expert

No matter what has caused the damage to your garage door, Garage Door Doctors has detective’s eyes and our experts can reveal in no time the cause and solution of the problem. We’re serving the areas of West Chester, Downingtown & Coatesville community for quite a long time now and they love being served by our professionally trained certified garage door technicians. So call us today or schedule a meeting and our sales rep would be happy in attending your garage door problems.

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